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ActiList - Interactive NFT Marketplace with Secret Auctions and Access Control

Welcome to ActiList - the first interactive NFT marketplace with gamified, confidential sales, and customizable NFT access control.

We gamified the NFT Marketplace experience

Buying NFTs on ActiList is engaging and interactive, with many different types of gamified auctions. There are many NFT marketplaces out there, but there is one problem with all of them. They are all exactly the same experience! We realized that having only one type of public auction can become very boring, so we decided to change the way marketplaces work!

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There are dozens of different auction types in the world, and the variances of each are nearly limitless, however with a public blockchain as the platform, the usable amount becomes very limited.

Because we are building on Secret Network with private by default smart contracts, we are able to offer auction types with gamification, where surprise and strategy can be utilized like sealed bid auctions or two-step auctions. No public blockchain could offer these exciting auction styles, but we are pioneers!

ActiList and Secret Network are redefining what is possible with NFTs

As a trustless NFT marketplace that provides an unmatched level of control over your digital assets and data privacy, ActiList is reimagining what is possible for NFT marketplaces.

ActiList runs on the Secret Network blockchain, which uses a state-of-the-art infrastructure for running computations over encrypted data. Your private data inside the NFT is encrypted using enterprise-grade SGX technology.

This technology allows creators the ability to add private metadata paired with viewing key technology to NFTs on the Secret Network.

With Secret NFTs, any Sensitive metadata such as ownership details, transaction history, and any data stored inside the NFT are hidden by default. Only the NFT owners can make this information public. As an owner, you control what and when you share, with whom, and how it is shared.

You can revoke access to your NFT data at any time as well! Full access control over private NFT attributes starts a new era of NFT development, making NFTs more like containers of value that unlock nearly limitless utility potential!

Secret NFTs open new worlds of use cases that have never been possible before. Suddenly things like movies, music albums, and private collections become possible. True digital ownership becomes possible!

ActList is built to be interactive, exciting, and rewarding!

Having multiple unique NFT auction types makes ActiList a highly interactive and engaging place to buy and sell NFTs. Each auction type has different elements of gamification and with privacy features, the uncertainty of the outcomes and strategy involved adds high energy to participating in the marketplace!

Active users will be rewarded for certain activities, like bidding on NFTs, creating auctions, or verifying auctions. So on top of giving you chances to buy valuable NFTs for a fraction of their market value, ActiList also rewards you directly for active participation!

Get more value out of your time!

For NFT owners ActiList will be the premium platform for promoting their NFTs by using the Upcoming Auctions interface.

Creating NFT art and other valuable NFTs is a time-consuming process. Using this auction mechanic, an artist can raise awareness of their project at the same time as they are creating it! This option allows the creator to create an auction with a future start date. The auction would not start without a complete NFT submitted, but anyone interested could set a reminder to be notified about the proceedings of the auction. And everyone can get a preview before it drops!

The future is bright

Since winning the hackathon and receiving the development grant from Secret Network in early 2022 our team has successfully gone live with the first type of NFT auction - the Sealed Bid Auction. We will be adding new auction types and improving the overall user experience regularly over time.

ActiList also has big plans to provide portability of NFT assets from other popular blockchains, providing customizable privacy as an additional feature to existing NFTs. We are privacy pioneers and want our users to be the true owners of their data.

For the next major changes, we will be reaching out to the community to align our development work with your expectations. So be sure to join our community channels in Discord and Telegram and join the conversation!