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Buy NFTs

As soon as auction starts and until it is finalized everyone can interact and participate in NFT auction sale.


1. Browse Live Auctions

When particular auction sale finally starts, you will find it under Live Auctions. Applying search filters may be helpful in finding relevant auctions sales. Open an interesting auction to start interacting with it. From the same detail view, you may conveniently navigate to the next auctions with left and right arrows. Like this it, should be easy to perform the same action on multiple auctions.

2. Place a Bid

You can place a bid that is equal or greater than a minimum bid. Bid currency tokens may be different from auction to auction. Make sure you have sufficient amount of bid tokens in your crypto wallet. ActiList has been tested to work reliably with Keplr wallet, which is the most popular crypto wallet for cosmos ecosystem.

Click here to download your Keplr wallet.

Simply type in the amount of tokens you want to spend on the particular NFT and submit by pressing Bid button. You will be prompted by your wallet in order to sign the transaction. The cost of transaction is a fraction of a cent and it is paid in SCRT, the native currency token of Secret Network. As long as auction sale is live, you can change your mind and retract your bid tokens by pressing Retract button. If you wish to change your active bid, you can simply bid again and your previously submitted bid tokens will be automatically returned to your wallet.

3. Follow Auction Progress

You can see all your active and past bids in your personal dashboard under Bids section. You need to be logged in to see your personal dashboard. That is probably the most convenient place to continue with your active bids. If auction allows additional actions then they can be performed from here.

4. (Optionally) Finalize Auction

When the auction ends anyone can finalize it. At that point Finalize button will become enabled for anyone to press it. This step marks the completion of auction sale. The highest bid wins and the NFT is directly transferred to the winner. Other bids are also directly returned to auctioneers. The seller (auctioneer) recieves the winning bid excluding royalties (usually a small percentage that is paid to NFT creators from each sale).

Note: Auction will remain active and continue accepting bids even after the end time is reached until any user or auction creator finalizes it.

5. View Your NFT Assets

You can see all your purchases in your personal dashboard under NFTs section.